About Us

Locket + Storm was created to capture the fun and playful side of toddler life, inspired by the founder’s two beautiful daughters, Cara and Ivy. They are the inspiration for the brand name that was created from their middle names - Storm and Locket.

Jess, a former print and textiles designer was looking for ways to utilise her creative craft whilst juggling two wonderfully wild toddlers. Pairing her love for bright and bold designs and kids sweatshirts to create beautifully unique and fun designs - Locket + Storm was born.



At Locket + Storm, we're on a mission to redefine children's fashion by fostering confidence and happiness in every child. We firmly believe that when kids feel confident in who they are, they're not only happier, but they also thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Our brand is dedicated to empowering your little ones to express themselves authentically and fearlessly. Our tagline DARE TO BE BOLD isn't just a statement – it's the heartbeat of everything we do. It's about instilling in children the belief that their uniqueness is their superpower, encouraging them to embrace their individuality with confidence and style.

We're passionate about creating a world where kids feel empowered to be themselves, unapologetically. Through our bold and playful designs, we aim to inspire children to stand tall, express themselves boldly and celebrate their one-of-a-kind personalities.

At Locket + Storm, we're not just selling clothes; we're shaping a movement – one that celebrates diversity, encourages self-expression and champions the belief that every child deserves to feel confident, valued and celebrated for exactly who they are.